Frequently asked questions

What is First North?

First North is a growth platform for ambitious small and medium sized companies combining the benefits of being public with simplicity. Nasdaq First North is a multilateral trading facility (MTF), or “alternative market”, operated by the different exchanges within Nasdaq. It does not have the legal status of an EU-regulated market. Companies on First North are subject to the rules of First North rather than the legal requirements for admission to trading on a regulated market.

How can I invest?

The Offer Shares are offered only in Estonia. If you already have a securities account (a private person or a legal entity), you can turn to your bank and subscribe for the amount of shares you would like to own. If you do not have a securities account yet, choose the financial institution (usually a bank) you wish to open your securities account with, make sure the financial institution is listed on the list here, and open your account via internet or in a branch.

Can I open a securities account on behalf of my children?

Yes, you may open a securities account on behalf of your children. First, you need to open a cash account on the behalf of your children. LHV bank provides a good summary here. If you would like to consider another bank, please contact them to find out more. Second, once the cash account has been opened, you need to open a securities account just as described in the question How can I invest?

How will the shareholders’ benefits programme work?

The Company is currently in the development phase of a shareholder benefits programme that moves in parallel with the progress of business development. Instead of rushing it, the goal is to build a programme with the most meaningful touchpoints between the Company's fast growing business model and our valued shareholders. As soon as such a programme is adopted, in addition to the standard rights associated with being a shareholder, shareholders would gain the exclusive opportunity to participate in special offers available only to them.


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